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This is an archived page for dolltr!ck's Music Makers Lab, which ran during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide free online after-school programming for K-12 students. In its debut run, over 100 students were served and participated in these music-making activities.

Thank you to all students, parents, and families for your support!

For more learning opportunities, please visit


dolltr!ck's Music Makers Lab features free online after-school programming for K-12 students and beginners in music technology.


Claire, the person behind dolltr!ck, is a Bitwig Certified Trainer, an Ableton Certified Trainer, and an Apple Certified Pro who has worked with numerous organizations in providing learning opportunities for young creatives and arts enthusiasts.



dolltr!ck music makers lab.png

After-school streams for the Music Makers Lab happen

Monday through Friday at 2pm ET. 


On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,

Claire presents lessons and tutorials on her YouTube channel. 

On Tuesday and Thursday,

Claire presents office hours and Q&As on her Twitch channel.

These are helpful, but not necessary, for MML programs:

Watching the videos from a desktop or laptop

Participating in activities with a touchscreen tablet or phone

For a comprehensive online schedule with all daily programs,

please see the Live Streaming page.

For more learning opportunities,

visit Claire's learning website,

or visit her page about the doll troop.

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